Quarter 3 | JULY + AUGUST + SEPTEMBER 2024

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Welcome to Q3 at YUMMY Extensions! Your contributions ​as a valued team member is greatly appreciated.

All of the Yummy Extensions departments had a fantastic ​launch during the Semi-Annual Sale, showcasing their ​dedication and hard work. Their exceptional performance ​and teamwork resulted in outstanding success and ​customer satisfaction. Thank you to each and every one of ​you!

"Your self-worth is determined by you. You don't have to ​depend on someone telling you who you are." – Beyoncé

Exciting updates and exclusive offers are coming your way​—brace yourself for an incredible quarter ahead!

We extend a warm welcome ​to the latest addition to the ​Yummy Extensions team.

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I’m Jay, I’m an Aries, I’m the youngest in my siblings, I enjoy ​family time especially with my niece and nephews. I’m from ​the Bronx N.Y. I love fashion, and vintage designer pieces. I ​love music it’s really therapeutic! If I was taller I always ​wanted to be a runway model lol.”

- Jeanneari Wells, Brooklyn NY, Retail Manager

Kyraanisha Castle

Fulfillment Team Member

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Cametria Robinson

Customer Experience Specialist

Cametria Robinson has been an exemplary team ​player, assisting new hires with patience and ​calmness. She consistently goes above and ​beyond to deliver the highest quality customer ​service to our clients.


These team members have been recognized by their managers ​with a shoutout, keep up the great work!